CUET 2023 Cut Off Marks Category Wise

CUET 2023 Cut Off Marks Category Wise

In the pursuit of higher education, the (CUET) is an esteemed institution known for its excellence in technical education. CUET conducts entrance examinations for undergraduate programs every year, and aspiring students eagerly wait for the announcement of the cut-off marks.

CUET UG 2023 cut-off marks serve as a benchmark to determine the minimum scores required for admission into various undergraduate programs at the university. These cut-off marks vary based on the category to which a candidate belongs, such as General, OBC, SC, ST, etc. The university releases a comprehensive list of cut-off marks, allowing students to assess their chances of securing admission.


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General Category

For candidates belonging to the General category, the competition is fierce, as these seats are open to all eligible applicants. The cut-off marks for the General category are typically the highest, reflecting the demand and academic rigor of CUET. Aspiring students must aim for scores above the prescribed cut-off to secure a seat in their desired program.

Other Backward Classes (OBC)

OBC candidates, who fall under the non-creamy layer, have a separate set of cut-off marks. These marks are relatively lower compared to the General category, providing some relaxation in the admission process. However, OBC applicants must still strive for competitive scores to increase their chances of admission.

Scheduled Castes (SC)

CUET also has reserved seats for candidates belonging to the Scheduled Caste category. The cut-off marks for SC candidates are usually lower compared to the General and OBC categories, allowing greater access to quality education for deserving students. Aspiring SC candidates should target scores that meet or exceed the specified cut-off for their desired program.

Scheduled Tribes (ST)

Similar to the SC category, CUET reserves seats for candidates from the Scheduled Tribe category. The cut-off marks for ST candidates are generally lower than those for General, OBC, and SC categories. However, it’s important to note that the competition within this category can still be significant. ST candidates should aim for scores above the prescribed cut-off to secure admission.

Factors Affecting CUET UG 2023 Cut-off Marks

Several factors influence the determination of cut-off marks for CUET UG 2023. These factors include:

1. Total Number of Applicants: The number of applicants competing for admission to CUET plays a crucial role in setting the cut-off marks. Higher competition often leads to higher cut-off marks, while a lower number of applicants can result in relatively lower cut-off scores.

If the exam is challenging, the cut-off marks may be lower compared to a relatively easier exam. The university aims to maintain a fair and balanced evaluation process.

3. Availability of Seats : The availability of seats in each undergraduate program influences the cut-off marks. Programs with limited seats are likely to have higher cut-off marks, as the competition for admission intensifies.

4. Reservation Policy: CUET follows a reservation policy mandated by the government. The distribution of seats across different categories affects the category-wise cut-off marks. Higher reservation in a particular category may lead to a relatively lower cut-off score for that category.


Aspiring students aiming to pursue undergraduate programs at CUET must strive to achieve the cut-off marks set for their respective categories. By understanding the category-wise cut-off marks and factors influencing them, candidates can better plan their preparation strategy. Diligent study, effective time management, and staying updated with the latest information will greatly contribute to securing admission at CUET, opening doors to a bright future in the field of engineering and technology.

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